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Love the packaging and the very informative PDF that was sent to me with the sea moss. Once I tasted it, I knew that was it. There preparation process was explained to me and I loved it even more. I look forward to doing business with Natural Elementals Sea Moss again. Thank you very much. 👍🏽


The benefits of this product are amazing! Trust and believe you will not be disappointed, but rather coming back for more. The owner is very knowledgeable and informative about her product for those who are unfamiliar.

Stacey Besse

The most professional and amazing service. Everything is on point from the sea-moss which is made with alkaline water, down to the packaging and the swiftness with which all orders are handled. The sea-moss cleanse is so good for you and Alexis really helps you understand how to efficiently use sea-moss and all the benefits. Offered in many different sizes for all your needs.

Junelsi Frias

Alexis was very helpful. I was very happy for the education and with the speedy delivery of my moss!!
Will purchase again, great quality moss by the way which was a concern for me!

Nati Chun


Tanisha Spencer

Not to much people are familiar with the minerals and properties in Seamoss. I m so happy that Natural Elements delivers. I am impressed by the professionalism, and sense of urgency with door service. ESPECIALLY NOW. Most of all its extremely important and comforting to know that all my questions and concerns could be addressed concerning Seamos . Thank u sooo much!!! I will definitely purchase again! And refer errrrbody as well

telleshia hendrickson

Love these ppl !!!! Will do business with them again!!! “If you don’t moss it’s your loss”!!! Thanks !!    

Rob C

Authentic Real Thing !  

Patricia Beeks

Very Personal  

terri brown

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We Care About You!

It is very important to us that our customers are well informed. We want to make sure you are knowledgeable on how to take care of your Seamoss. We help get you started and help you think about how to consume sea moss with a purpose, along with some tips and tricks on how to implement it into your life. We have provide each costumer with a personalize PDF that will help you get started!! 🙌🏽 💪🏾

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is sea moss, and what are its benefits?

  • Sea moss, also known as Irish moss or Chondrus crispus, is a type of red algae found in the Atlantic Ocean. It's a nutrient-dense superfood containing 92 essential minerals. Its benefits include boosting energy, supporting bone health, aiding in digestion, and promoting skin health and more!

2. Where does your sea moss come from?

  • Our sea moss is sourced from Saint Lucia, where it is sustainably wild-crafted from pristine ocean waters. We take pride in providing you with the highest quality sea moss.

3. What is the difference between plain sea moss gel and flavored varieties?

  • Plain sea moss gel offers versatility, allowing you to incorporate it into various recipes and beverages. Flavored sea moss gel adds a delightful taste, making it an enjoyable way to enjoy sea moss. The choice depends on your preference and intended use.

4. How do I use sea moss gel in my daily routine?

  • You can add sea moss gel to smoothies, juices, soups, or even use it as a thickening agent in recipes. Start with a teaspoon daily and gradually increase as needed. the average person takes 1 to 2 tbsp a day but some people are completely content with taking less. its totally up to you.

5. Do you ship nationwide?

  • Yes, we offer nationwide shipping within the United States. You can enjoy the benefits of our sea moss gel no matter where you are.

6. Do you offer local delivery or curbside pickup?

  • Yes, we provide local delivery to the Bronx, Manhattan, and select areas of Westchester County. Curbside pickup options are also available for your convenience.

7. Can I use sea moss for weight loss?

  • Yes, sea moss can help with weight loss as it acts as a natural appetite suppressant and supports metabolism. However, it should be part of a balanced diet and exercise regimen. the amount of sea moss to take for this can vary for everyone. some people may need to consume more than other. pay attention to the amount your taking to see when it has suppressed your appetite.

8. Are your products organic?

  • Yes, we take pride in offering organic sea moss gel, ensuring that you receive the highest quality product with no synthetic additives.

9. How can I contact you for questions or assistance?

  • You can reach out to us via text on our live chat feature on our website at NaturalElementsSeaMoss.com. you can also text/Call at (646) 389-6008. Email us at AL@NaturalElementsSeaMoss.com We are here to answer your questions and provide guidance on your sea moss journey.

10. Do you have a 14-day sea moss cleanse, and how does it work?

  • Yes, we offer a 14-day sea moss cleanse. It involves incorporating sea moss gel into your daily routine to experience its health benefits. We provide instructions and guidance to help you make the most of the cleanse.

11. Are your food-grade pouches better than using Mason jars to store sea moss gel?

  • Yes, our food-grade pouches offer several advantages over Mason jars. Firstly, our pouches have been designed to preserve the freshness and quality of our sea moss gel for longer periods compared to jars. This ensures that you receive the maximum benefits from our product.
  • Additionally, our pouches are freezer-safe, allowing you to conveniently store sea moss gel in the freezer, which is not recommended with Mason jars. Freezing extends the shelf life and maintains the nutritional value of your sea moss gel without compromising safety or taste. This makes our pouches a superior choice for long-term storage and versatility in how you use your sea moss gel.

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